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Cookies are very small files that your device downloads when you visit a website. Their storage is under the full control of the browser, so users can limit the process or completely disable it.

Why are cookies needed and who uses them?

Cookies are extremely important for providing user-friendly online services. The most common e-business functions would not be possible without cookies. The interaction between the user and the website is carried out with the help of cookies, and as a result many tasks are faster and easier. With the help of cookies, the browser can store important data. Cookies are those that allow the user name and password to be filled in automatically when visiting favorite and trusted pages. Mandatory cookies are also necessary so that the browser can save the settings.

Most of the world’s websites use cookies. There are many reasons for using cookies. For example, cookies are those that help in the implementation of various online services (online stores), help in the collection of various statistics, allow website owners to track page visits, etc. Companies can use cookies to evaluate the effectiveness of the design of their websites, as well as the appropriateness of the type and amount of content they offer to users on their websites.

Disabling cookies

The website works optimally if all cookies are enabled. You can control and change cookie settings using the selected web browser settings.

Cookies and the most popular browsers (links)

Internet Explorer

If you turn off cookies, some website features may be disabled. Even when all cookies are turned off, the web browser still receives some information. This information is necessary for the basic functioning of the website. The cookies that are used in this case are known as “strictly necessary cookies”.

What data do we store and how can you change it?

You can obtain a report on your personal data by contacting us at